A Crafters Hoard

Forget about treasures like rubies, diamonds, gold and pearls a crafters hoard consists of fabrics, buttons, threads, pins and ribbons. This hoard is far more precious to crafter than gold pieces of eight. Like a Scandinavian Man’s pile of wood stacked outside their sommarhus, a crafters fabric stash is stacked high and often on show.


I thought I would share my precious stash with you, while I am having two weeks off sewing due to prioritising writing reports. Squirrelling away any fabrics I deem pretty enough to join my collection, it has undoubtedly continue to grow. While at the time I am yet to know what that fat quarter or scarp will become, every piece of fabric I acquire or buy joins the stash with the rest, awaiting a similar fate.


I love collecting buttons from haberdashery shops, vintage fairs and markets for future projects.


I realised recently though as my stash grows the space it lives does not and I am quickly running out home for my precious treasures…

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