Dala Häst Love

I thought I would introduce you to the Dala Häst. I am absolutely mad about these beautiful wooden horses and I thought I would introduce you to them and why I love them so much.

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala Horse is a traditional craved and painted wooden horse statuette originating in the Swedish province Dalarna. A long time ago the Dala horse was given as a toy for children to play with but in modern times is has become a symbol of Dalarna.

Dala Horses_2

I lived in Sweden (when I was a lot younger) and in 1995 I visited the lovely Dalarna in northern Sweden. I was bought one of these gorgeous horses personalised with my name and now has pride of place on my family’s mantlepiece. Ever since that day (which I have never forgotten) I have been in love with there beautiful simplicity and fabulous patterns, though maybe I am bias.

It is for this reason I have often use the Dala horse in my sewing because I think the simple silhouette of the horse with a pretty patterned fabric looks amazing. In recent years the increased presence of the Dala Horse’s presence has excited me, as Scandinavian design become more popular you can now buy my beloved Dala horse in all shapes and forms!

Here are some of my favourites:

Dala horse

Felt Ornaments, Rubber Stamp, Biscuit Cutters, Mug, Needle Felted, Cross Stitch, Candle HolderCharm, Embroidery,  Garland, Christmas Decorations

Or if you are just simply dying to get hold of the traditional Dala horse.


Here are some of my own Dala horse makes:



Here is my attempt of a Dala horse for my sister who all her life has desperately wanted one of her own.

Isabel with her  very own Dala horse

All three together.

All three Dala horses together

Here is a template I use now you can have a go at stitching your own Dala horse inspires project.


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