Antony House

Ever since I was tiny I was taken around National Trust properties to gape in awe of high ceilings, beautiful gardens and delicate ornaments. It was this early introduction to period properties that has fuelled my passion of history and I enjoy nothing more than to walk the corridors of an old house, imagining those who once lived there. Also they are a great source of craft inspiration! I even have volunteered as a Room Guide in two different National Trust properties, which I thoroughly recommend.

This week I visited the National Trust, Antony House an early 18th century mansion, in Torpoint. It is also used as the film set for Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton and upon visiting I  can see why.

This splendid silvery-grey Pentewan stone house, built for Sir William Carew between 1711 and 1721 and has been the residence of the Carew family ever since.


This gorgeous house looks as though it is right out of a period drama. The contents too are spectacular with a beautiful collect of portraits, furnishings and ornaments. What makes the content of this house more intriguing than most National Trust properties, is that the Carew family still live at the house so the contents are personal to the family and new editions of modern art can be found on display.

It was the estate and gardens however I thought was the real jewel and a feast for the eyes. The grounds were landscaped by Georgian garden designer Humphry Repton. I was particularly fortunate on my visit to see the gardens in full bloom.


These gardens were so magnificent and I am sure will inspire many more crafts projects for the future. It really was like falling down a rabbit hole and the vivid delicate, beauty of the blooming flowers it was not hard to imagine the Tiger-lilies turning up their nose as they speak to Alice as she wandered through wonderland.

My favourite flowers in particular were the bright and colourful camellias. I would love nothing more than to take them all and plant them at Enstorp.


Anthony House is somewhere I would recommend visiting you could happily stroll the gardens for hours upon end, there is also the house which is worth a look, delicious tea rooms and woodland garden which is separate from the property.


It truly was like stepping into a fairy tale, if only it was my Prince Charming who could come riding down in a carriage to whisk me away.


If you are interested in visiting yourself then you can find all the information you need here.

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2 thoughts on “Antony House

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! I love wandering around National Trust properties too, there’s always so much to see and so many stories. And always lots of yummy cake…

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