Peter Pan Collars

I recently bought a several dresses that are pretty but plain. I therefore wanted to accessorise them and I thought why not add a peter pan collar.

A peter pan collar is a style of collar which was named after Maude Adam’s collar for her Peter Pan costume in 1905. It has become a regular part of women’s fashion since the 1900s and was popular in 1920s in children’s clothes.

I did not want to sew onto my dress so I looked at blogs online and made a peter pan collar necklace, which are surprisingly easier to do.

Fashion Rolla

Xenia Kuhn has a simple tutorial for a detachable collar and she even includes a pattern that can be downloaded and made.

Herald Scotland – Fashion

Kerry Patterson provides a detailed fashion DIY: how to make a Peter Pan collar. There is also a pattern included from the fabulous Colette Patterns. This design is very similar to the first and they also can be easily adjusted to fit you and your dress best.

Yesterday’s Sweetheart

Emily has a gorgeous tutorial for a Pearl Peter Pan Necklace. Instead of using fabric this one requires one of my favourite materials, felt. No sewing machine is required here instead the use of a glue gun. I think this collar is so easy yet so effective and would improve any plain outfit.


This is the only one of the four collar tutorials I have made so far. Erica provides the simplest of the four tutorials I like. Again using felt this design is versatile and the perfect accessory.

Using Erica’s design this is my first take on a Peter Pan necklace I hope you like it!



Let me know if you have a go at any of these tutorials and please share your pictures.

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