Hoop LaLa

Confession time one of my biggest weaknesses when crafting are embroidery hoops. These simple, yet useful circular devices are great help when embarking on an embroidery project or simply as decoration.I have always used them but a year or two ago I realised their full potential and now can not get enough of them.

So in this blog post I wanted to share my own personal hoop inspired projects and explore different ways in which you can use the hoop.

Firstly the simplest way in which you can use the hoop is just to aid you with your hand embroidery. Aneela Hoey in particular is one of my favourite embroiders and is author of Little Stitches. Aneela’s website is a great source of inspiration and she does not stop at embroidery, as she is a fabric designer and her quilts are also pretty spectacular.

Another easy way to use your hoop for decoration is by putting a piece of patterned fabric, this can be scrap fabric or even an old doily, in the hoop putting it up on the wall. It is surprisingly effective and looks great as a feature in any room.

Paws and re-Thread has a great tutorial is your not sure how to go about this.

This same method can be used to make your very own hoop pin board.

Appliqué and embroidery is mostly what I use my embroidery hoops for which I will then display in the hoop or give away to family or friends. Hoops make a pretty personalised gift because they are something different. Here are some of my own creations…


Not only can you fill you hoop with fabric, embroidery or appliqué but you can decorate the hoop. Little Lovelies by Alison has a great tutorial of a fabric wrapped embroidery hoop.

You can also paint the hoop. This design was inspired by Kajsa Wikman in her fabulous book Scandinavian Stitches.


Or here is a hoop decorated with washi tape.


So as you can see there are lots of different things that can be done with embroidery hoops…

Still stuck for ideas and want more inspiration? Well then you should check out David and Charles‘ newest book Hoop-La, which contains a 100 things you can do with embroidery hoops by the fabulous crafter Kirsty NealeHoop-La can be pre-ordered now but it sadly will not be available until August however, if purchased from the Stitch Craft Create you can get an advance copy and a free 7″ embroidery hoop… it is a no brainer!

I would love to hear about what you have done with your hoops!

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