Book Review: Everything Alice


I have always had a fascination with Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and as a child I was always on the look out for a white rabbit in a waistcoat to follow down a rabbit hole. I loved the idea of talking flowers, the cheshire cat, mad hatter and mushrooms that make you grow or shrink. So unsurprisingly I was very excited when I first heard about a Alice in Wonderland inspired craft book and had to get my hands on it as soon as it was published in 2011.


This fabulous book published by Quadrille Craft was dreamt up over a cup of tea by the dynamic crafting duo: Hannah Read-Baldrey, props and fashion stylist and Christine Leech, an avid crafter and successful illustrator.

This magical book contains 50 Alice inspired crafty projects to make, bake and decorate. Ranging from simple to more complex, there is truly something for everyone to try. The book I feel, is just as beautiful as the craft projects inside it, decorated with original Alice illustrations, favourite quotes, lots of colour and fun party games it will easily keep you entertained for hours, whether you are creating or just reading.

In the back of the book you can find the templates to trace around which can be used again and again. There is also an embroidery guide and a directory of suppliers and inspiration.

Some of my favourite projects from the book include:

IMG_3320This dandy white rabbit who looks awfully dashing in his suit and bow tie.


These sweet sleepy lavender dormice.


I love this Wonderland mobile and would have particularly adored this as a child.


These fabulous teacup candles, which would make a great centrepiece for a Mad Hatter inspired tea party.


  Also I love this ingenious fabric covered teapot planter and there is much, much more…

This book is oozing with ideas and many of which I am yet to try, but I know one day I will. So far I have only attempted three of the projects from the book: the wonderland mobile, teacup candles and the wonderland cookies.


Here are some of my Everything Alice makes.

So if you are curious for a new challenge, planning on throwing a wonderland inspired party, this book is perfect for any Alice in Wonderland fan and for enticing those who are yet to fall down the rabbit hole.

The book has its very own blog! And it can be bought from most Waterstones stores, otherwise you can always purchase it from Amazon for £9.59.

Happy sewing and Off with your head!

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