Fabric Friday – Field of Daisies


This Friday I wanted to share one of my favourite fabrics in my collection with you. Another Swedish fabric from Åhléns and I just love it’s simplicity. It always looks great on big and small projects. I think what attracted me to this fabric was the contrasting colours of the green and red.

Åhléns, like I said before is a great place to buy Scandinavian fabric, though their online store does not do them justice. So if you are ever visiting Sweden I would definitely recommend finding a store and checking their fabric section out.

I have been recently taken with the nautical/seaside trend and fancied creating some hanging sewn fishy friends to decorate my flat with.

So yesterday in fact I made this pretty fish from my Scandinavian daisy fabric and I think it works really well.


A while ago, using a decorative house design from Kajsa Wikman’s fabulous book Scandinavian Stitches, I created this little house.

IMG_3360Using this fabulous fabric for the roof and some embroidery flowers climbing up the house. I think it works well and in an ideal world perhaps if this house was big enough would happily live in it.


In addition this little ellie now has a pretty appliqué ear.


I have lots of this fabric left to use on many fifferent crafty projects to come and I am sure I will treat you to a picture or two.

Happy stitching!

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2 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Field of Daisies

  1. the fabric is gorgeous! sadly there is no ahlens in england but Ikea also has some lovely printed material. really liked the idea of hanging the fish in your flat. actually i feel inspired to create something my self haha!
    Im a swedish fashion student in london and write a fashion blog. Would love it if you could check it out 🙂

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