Crazy for Chevrons

In September I was gripped by chevron fever and have been crocheting them ever since. I am currently working on my fifth crochet chevron cushion I have come to the realisation that I am completely charmed by chevrons.

2013-11-04 11.32.41

Simply by changing your yarn colours you can create striking patterns and what’s more they make gorgeous gifts for your friends. I used a pattern from Dotty Doily and had the pleasure of her expertise as I embraced the new challenge.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 20.30.09

As a crocheter I started out stitching granny squares, which came to me naturally, but I have always been reluctant and impatient to follow patterns (something I am still learning to overcome). However, having gazed in wonder at the beautiful crochet cushions and chevrons featured in Mollie Makes I was determined to have a go. Nothing came of it, apart from my growing frustrations so I attempted to surf the bloggers-sphere and Youtube in hope to find a pattern I could master. Eventually a friend and colleague of mine (Dotty Doily) directed me to her own blog and chevron pattern – it was love at first sight. I took me a short while to learn the pattern, but now I can stitch away without even needing to refer to it – vital for when crocheting in front of the TV or while in mid conversation!

2013-11-04 11.47.31

This is a simple pattern is so addictive once you get started I have found, you can’t stop! There is always someone else who needs/wants a crochet cushion. It is so easy too – the key is in the counting – sadly when I begun I thought I knew it all but quickly learnt that if your not prepared to count your stitches then it just doesn’t work.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 19.48.34

My favourite one to date is a seaside themed cushion I stitched for my dad’s birthday to keep on his boat. I went for a sea waves theme choosing a gorgeous fabric from Tula Pink’s Salt Water collection, Bubble Shells, for the cushion’s underside with coconut shell buttons as decoration. He loved it and I am currently halfway through crocheting my mum a matching one.


I love choosing the fabric and sewing on a fabric back.  I just feel it brings out the cushion crochet pattern and adds another texture to the cushion. Also it is surprisingly easy to stitch a fabric back. By simply measuring, cutting and pinning the back and front together it takes no time at all to machine stitch them together and Tah da your done! You have one beautiful cushion to keep or gift!

Here are some of the cushions I have made so far:


Happy stitching!

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