Moving to the Big Smoke

I have recently moved to the bright lights and big city of London. Having lived in Devon for the past 5 years I wanted a change and couldn’t resist all the new crafty opportunities. I have been doing my research and there are so many gorgeous craft shops, crafty courses and events in London – it as a crafter’s paradise. I will miss the rolling hills and seaside lifestyle, I have come accustom too, but it was the right time in my life to uproot and settle somewhere new.

2014-02-10 18.09.39

Just a small hint of where I will now be working….


Yes you have guessed it Quadrille! I am so excited to be working with the people behind such beautiful books and by some of my favourite crafty people. I am sure my blog will continue to be filled with craftiness with all the endless fabric and yarn shops to explore.

Happy crafting,

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