Sunday of Card Making

With lots of birthdays round the corner I thought I would relax this Sunday and make some cards. I personally love making my own cards because I always find it so difficult to find the card I want when shopping. I think a card is an essential part of present giving, often overlooked it represents something quite personal and pretty to me. I love giving cards and they are always the first that I open on my birthday. After a substantial period of time decorating the house with them, I always store them away to to be pulled out to look at in couple of years time. I find it impossible to find what I want so making my own is often the perfect solution.

This Sunday I made a card using a tutorial from Annela Hoey’s website called Summer Flowers. This embroidery is easy to do and very pretty, definitely one worth trying.


For the other card I made today it was for my little sister and inspired by the cover stars of the April issue of one of my favourite magazines, Mollie Makes.


Though I have to say I am a rather messy crafter…


Other cards I have made…


So next time you have a birthday coming up or want to buy a card think about about making your own.

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